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Main Entry: gov·ern·ment
Pronunciation: primarystressgschwav-schwar(n)-mschwant, primarystressgschwab-schwam-schwant, primarystressgschwav-mschwant
Function: noun
1 a : the act or process of governing; especially : direction of a political unit b : the making of policy as distinguished from the administration of policy decisions
2 a : the agency through which a political unit exercises authority b : manner of governing : the institutions, laws, and customs through which a political unit is governed <republican government>
3 a : the officials making up the governing body of a political unit b capitalized : the executive branch of the U.S. federal government
- government adjective
- gov·ern·men·tal /secondarystressgschwav-schwar(n)-primarystressment-schwal/ adjective
- gov·ern·men·tal·ly /-schwal-emacron/ adverb

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