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Main Entry: 1hand
Pronunciation: primarystresshand
Function: noun
1 a : the free end part of the arm or forelimb when used (as in human beings) for handling, grasping, and holding b : any of various bodily parts (as the hind foot of an ape or the pincers of a crab) that are like the hand in structure or function
2 : something resembling a hand: as a : a pointer on a dial b : a figure of a hand with index finger extended to point something out c : a bunch of bananas
3 : personal possession : CONTROL <in the hands of the enemy>
4 a : 1SIDE 2, direction <fighting on either hand> b : a side or point of view in an issue or argument <on the one hand, we can declare a tie, or on the other hand, keep playing>
5 : a pledge especially of marriage <asked for her hand>
7 : SKILL 1, ability <try one's hand at chess>
8 a : assistance or help involving physical effort <lend a hand> b : a part or share in doing something <take a hand in the work>
9 : a unit of measure equal to 4 inches (about 10.2 centimeters) used especially for the height of horses
10 : a round of applause <give him a hand>
11 a : the cards or pieces held by a player in a game b : a single round in a game
12 a : one who performs or produces a work <two portraits by the same hand> b : a hired worker c : a member of a ship's crew <all hands on deck> d : one skilled in a particular activity or field <an old hand at foreign affairs>
13 : WORKMANSHIP 2 <the hand of a master>
- at hand : near in time or place : within reach <use whatever ingredients are at hand>
- by hand : with the hands
- in hand
1 : in one's possession or control <had matters well in hand> <with money in hand>
2 : in preparation
- on hand
1 : in present possession <always kept snacks on hand>
2 : in attendance : PRESENT
- on one's hands : in one's possession or care <too much time on my hands>
- out of hand : out of control <a crowded meeting that got out of hand>
- out of one's hands : out of one's control

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