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Main Entry: 1hang
Pronunciation: primarystresshaeng
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): hung /primarystresshschwaeng /; also hanged /primarystresshaengd/; hang·ing /primarystresshaeng-ieng/
1 a : to fasten or be fastened to an elevated point without support from below : SUSPEND, DANGLE b : to kill or be killed by hanging from a rope tied round the neck <sentenced to be hanged> c : to fasten so as to allow free motion forward and backward <hang a door>
2 : to furnish with hanging decorations (as pictures or curtains)
3 : 1DROOP 1 <hung my head in shame>
4 : to fasten to a wall <hang wallpaper>
5 : to display pictures in a gallery
6 : HOVER 1b <clouds hanging low overhead>
7 : to stay steadily
8 : DEPEND 1 <election hangs on one vote>
9 a : to take hold for support : CLING <the children hung on his arm> b : to be hard to bear <worry hung on his mind>
10 : to be uncertain <the decision is still hanging>
11 : to be in a state of close attention <hung on my every word>
12 : to pass time idly especially by relaxing or socializing -- often used with around or out <hung out with friends>
- hang·able /primarystresshaeng-schwa-bschwal/ adjective

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