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Main Entry: 1have
Pronunciation: (primarystress)hav, (h)schwav, v; in "have to" meaning "must" usually primarystresshaf
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): past & past participle had /(primarystress)had, (h)schwad, d/; present participle hav·ing /primarystresshav-ieng/; present 3rd singular has /(primarystress)haz, (h)schwaz, z, s; in "have to" meaning "must" usually primarystresshas/
1 a : POSSESS 1, own <have a dog> <have the right to vote> b : to consist of <April has 30 days>
2 : to be forced by duty or conscience in regard to : MUST <have to go> <have a letter to write>
3 : to stand in relationship to <has three sisters>
4 a : OBTAIN 1, get <the best to be had> b : RECEIVE 1 <had bad news> c : ACCEPT 1a; especially : to accept in marriage <she wouldn't have him>
5 a : to be marked or characterized by <has red hair> b : REVEAL 1 <had the courage to refuse> c : 2USE 3, exercise <have mercy>
6 a : 2EXPERIENCE, UNDERGO <have a good time> <I have a cold> b : to perform an action or engage in an activity <have a look at that mess> <had a fight> c : to hold in the mind <have an opinion> <have doubts>
7 a : to cause to do or be done <had my hair cut> <please have the children stay> b : to cause to be <has everyone confused>
8 : 1PERMIT 1 <we'll have no more of that>
9 a : to hold an advantage over <we have them now> b : 2TRICK 1, fool <been had by a partner>
10 : 2BEAR 2a <have a baby>
11 : to partake of <have dinner>
12 : 2BRIBE <can be had for a price>
13 -- used as a helping verb with the past participle of another verb <has gone home> <had already eaten> <will have finished dinner by then>
- had better or had best : would be wise to <you had better start your work>
- have at : to go at or deal with : ATTACK
- have done : 1FINISH 1, stop
- have coming : to deserve what one gets, benefits by, or suffers <he had that punishment coming>
- have it in for : to intend to do harm to
- have one's eye on : to watch constantly and attentively
- have to do with
1 : to deal with <the book has to do with fish>
2 : to have a specified relationship with or effect on <luck had nothing to do with winning>

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