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Main Entry: 1head
Pronunciation: primarystresshed
Function: noun
1 : the upper or front part of the body (as of a human being or an insect) that contains the brain, the chief sense organs, and the mouth
2 a : 1MIND 2, understanding <a good head for figures> b : control of the mind or feelings <kept a level head in time of danger>
3 : the side of a coin bearing a head or the major design
4 a : PERSON 1, individual <count heads> b plural head : one of a number (as of livestock) <100 head of cattle>
5 a : the end that is upper or higher or opposite the foot <the head of the bed> b : the uppermost part : TOP c : a skin or something like a thin piece of skin stretched across one or both ends of a drum
7 : a compact mass of plant parts (as leaves or flowers) <a head of cabbage>
8 a : the place where a stream begins b : the difference in elevation between two points in a body of fluid c : the resulting pressure at the lower point; also : pressure of a fluid <a head of steam>
9 a : the place of leadership or command <the person at the head of the group> b : a person in this place : CHIEF, LEADER
10 : the foam that rises on a foaming liquid
11 a : the part of a boil, pimple, or abscess at which it is likely to break b : CRISIS 2 <events came to a head>
12 : a part of a machine, tool, or weapon that performs the main function <head of a lance> <a machine with a grinding head> <the record head of a tape recorder>
- headˇship /primarystresshed-secondarystressship/ noun
- out of one's head : DELIRIOUS 1
- over one's head
1 : beyond one's understanding
2 : so as to bypass one in a higher position <went over the principal's head to complain to the school board>

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