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Main Entry: 1hold
Pronunciation: primarystresshomacrld
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): held /primarystressheld/; holdˇing
Etymology: Old English healdan "to hold, own"
1 a : to keep in one's possession : POSSESS, HAVE <hold this for me> b : to have by right <hold property> <hold a bachelor's degree> <hold elective office>
2 a : to keep or restrict by force <the troops held the bridge> b : to restrain especially by keeping back <hold your temper> c : 2DELAY 2 <held the train> d : to keep back from use <will hold the seats for us> e : to make accept a legal or moral duty <I'll hold you to your word>
3 a : to have or keep in the grasp <hold the pen upright> b : to cause to be or remain in a place, position, or situation <hold the ladder steady> c : to remain fastened <the anchor held> d : 1SUPPORT 4a, sustain <the floor will hold 10 metric tons> e : to keep as or as if a captive <held without bail>
4 : to bear or carry oneself <please hold still>
5 a : to keep up without interruption <hold silence> b : to keep the interest or devotion of <the play held the audience>
6 : to receive and contain <the bottle holds two liters>
7 a : to have in mind : ENTERTAIN <hold a theory> b : CONSIDER 3, judge <was held to be the best>
8 : to carry on as a group <hold a meeting>
9 a : to maintain position <the line held under attack> b : to continue unchanged : LAST <their interest held up> <hope the weather holds>
10 : to be true : APPLY <the rule holds in most cases>
11 : to refrain from an act : HALT, PAUSE
synonym see CONTAIN
- hold a candle to : to compare with <doesn't hold a candle to the original>
- hold forth : to preach or speak in public usually for a long time
- hold good : to remain true <the rule holds good in this case>
- hold hands : to join one's hand with another's especially as an expression of affection
- hold one's breath
1 : to prevent oneself from breathing temporarily
2 : to wait in anxious anticipation
- hold one's own : to maintain one's place or condition especially against opposition
- hold one's tongue or hold one's peace : to keep one's thoughts to oneself : keep silent
- hold the bag
1 : to be left empty-handed
2 : to get the blame that should be shared by others
- hold to : to adhere to strongly <held to his promise>
- hold water : to stand up under criticism or examination <your story doesn't hold water>
- hold with : to agree with : approve of

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