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Main Entry: ho·mog·e·nize
Pronunciation: homacr-primarystressmäj-schwa-secondarystressnimacrz, hschwa-
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -nized; -niz·ing
1 : to make homogeneous
2 a : to reduce to small particles of uniform size and distribute evenly <homogenize peanut butter> <homogenize paint> b : to break up the fat of (milk) into very fine particles
- ho·mog·e·ni·za·tion /-secondarystressmäj-schwa-nschwa-primarystresszamacr-shschwan/ noun
- ho·mog·e·niz·er /-primarystressmäj-schwa-secondarystressnimacr-zschwar/ noun

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