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Main Entry: hot
Pronunciation: primarystresshät
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): hotĚter; hotĚtest
1 : having a high temperature
2 a : easily excited : ARDENT, FIERY <hot temper> b : VIOLENT 1, raging <a hot battle> c : EAGER <hot for reform>
3 : feeling or causing an uncomfortable degree of body heat <my forehead is hot> <it's hot in here>
4 : newly made : FRESH <hot scent>; also : close to something sought <you're getting hotter>
5 : suggestive of heat or of burning or glowing objects <hot spicy foods> <hot colors>
6 a : temporarily capable of unusual performance (as in a sport) b : currently popular or interesting <a hot topic of conversation> <the hot fashions for spring>
7 a : carrying electric current b : RADIOACTIVE c : dealing with radioactive material
8 a : recently stolen <hot jewels> b : wanted by the police
- hot adverb
- hotĚly adverb
- hotĚness noun

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