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Main Entry: 1house
Pronunciation: primarystresshaudots
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural hous·es /primarystresshaudot-zschwaz/
Etymology: Old English humacrs "house, home" --related to HUSBAND
1 : a building in which one or more families live
2 a : something (as a nest or den) used by an animal for shelter b : a building in which something is stored <carriage house>
3 a : one of the 12 equal sections into which the celestial sphere is divided in astrology b : a sign of the zodiac that is the seat of a planet's greatest influence
4 a : 1HOUSEHOLD b : FAMILY 2; especially : a royal or noble family
5 : a residence for a religious community or for students
6 : a body of persons assembled to make and discuss laws
7 a : a place of business or entertainment <went to a movie house> b : a business firm <a publishing house> c : the audience in a theater or concert hall <played to a full house>

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