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Main Entry: join
Pronunciation: primarystressjodotin
Function: verb
1 a : to bring or fasten together in close contact <join hands> b : to connect (as points) by a line c : to become joined <place where two roads join>
2 : to come or bring into close association <join a club> <join in marriage>
3 : to come into the company of <join friends for lunch>
4 : ADJOIN 2 <the two farms join>
5 : to take part with others in an activity <join in singing>
- join·able /primarystressjodoti-nschwa-bschwal/ adjective
synonyms JOIN, CONNECT, COMBINE, UNITE mean to bring or come together into some kind of union. JOIN suggests a bringing together of any degree of closeness including actual touching <joined forces in an effort to win> <join the ends with glue>. CONNECT suggests a loose or outside attachment with little or no loss of separate identity <the treaty connects the two nations>. COMBINE suggests some blending of the things coming together and some loss of separate identity <combining jazz and rock to create a new kind of music>. UNITE suggests an even more complete coming together that turns two or more things into one <the colonies united to form a republic>.

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