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Main Entry: 1keep
Pronunciation: primarystresskemacronp
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): kept /primarystresskept/; keepˇing
1 a : to be faithful to : FULFILL <keep a promise> b : to act properly in relation to <keep the Sabbath>
2 a : PROTECT <keep us from harm> b : to take care of : TEND <keep a garden>
3 : to continue doing something : MAINTAIN <keep silence> <keep on working> <keep that up and you'll get into trouble>
4 : to have in one's service or at one's disposal <keep a car>
5 : to preserve a record in <keep a diary>
6 : to have on hand regularly for sale <keep neckties>
7 : to continue to have in one's possession or power <kept the marbles I won>
8 a : to prevent from leaving : DETAIN <keep a person in jail> <was kept after school> b : to place for storage <keeps the catsup in the refrigerator> <keep my socks in a drawer>
9 : to hold back <keep a secret>
10 a : to remain or cause to remain in a place, situation, or condition <keep off the grass> <keep him waiting> b : to continue in an unspoiled condition <food that keeps well>
11 : 1REFRAIN <keep from talking>
12 : to take charge of (as a business) : MANAGE <keep a boardinghouse> <kept an inn>
synonyms KEEP, OBSERVE, CELEBRATE, COMMEMORATE mean to notice or honor a day, occasion, or deed. KEEP stresses the idea of not neglecting or violating <keep the Sabbath>. OBSERVE is likely to suggest the holding of formal ceremonies <not all holidays are observed across the nation>. CELEBRATE suggests honoring an occasion by festivity <celebrate Independence Day with a parade>. COMMEMORATE suggests having customs or ceremonies that call to mind what the occasion means <commemorate Memorial Day with the laying of wreaths on gravestones>.

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