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Main Entry: 1kill
Pronunciation: primarystresskil
Function: verb
1 : to deprive of life : cause the death of
2 a : to put an end to : RUIN <that killed our chances> b : 1DEFEAT 1 <the committee killed the bill> c : to stop the use or functioning of <kill the lights> <killed the engine> d : DELETE <kill a line of text>
3 : to cause to pass <just killing time>
4 : to use up completely <killed two cartons of milk>
synonyms KILL, MURDER, ASSASSINATE mean to take the life of. KILL suggests nothing about the manner of death and can apply to the death of anything <frost killed the plants> <a person killed in an accident>. MURDER applies to the deliberate and unlawful killing of a person <convicted of murdering a rival>. ASSASSINATE usually suggests the murder of an important person often for political reasons <terrorists assassinated the Senator>.

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