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Main Entry: 1live
Pronunciation: primarystressliv
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): lived; liv·ing
1 a : to be alive b : to continue alive
2 : to keep oneself alive : SUBSIST <lived on berries the whole time> <courtiers living off the king>
3 : to have a home : DWELL <lives next door>
4 : to pass one's life <live peacefully>
5 : to show great enthusiasm or excitement in <lived life to the fullest>
6 : to experience firsthand <living a dream>
- live it up : to carry on an activity or one's life with great enthusiasm and excitement
- live up to : to act in keeping with : KEEP <live up to one's promises>
- live with : to put up with : TOLERATE <had to live with their decision>

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