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Main Entry: 1long
Pronunciation: primarystresslodoteng
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): lon·ger /primarystresslodoteng-gschwar/; lon·gest /primarystresslodoteng-gschwast/
Etymology: Old English long, lang "extending a great distance"
1 : of great extent from end to end : not short
2 a : having a specified length <a meter long> b : forming the chief linear dimension <the long side of the table>
3 : lasting for a considerable or specified time <a long friendship> <two hours long>
4 : overly long or lasting too long <a long look> <a long explanation>
5 : containing many or a specified number of units <a long series of wins>
6 : being a syllable or speech sound of relatively great duration
7 : extending far into the future
8 : strong in or well supplied with something <long on golf> <long on wisdom>
- at long last : after a long wait : FINALLY

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