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Main Entry: lot
Pronunciation: primarystresslät
Function: noun
1 : an object used as a counter in determining a question by chance
2 a : the use of lots as a means of deciding something <choose by lot> b : the choice resulting from deciding by lot
3 a : something that comes to one by or as if by lot b : one's course in life especially as decided by chance
4 a : a piece or plot of land <owns the corner lot> <a building lot> b : a motion-picture studio and its surrounding property
5 : a number of articles offered (as at an auction) for sale as one item
6 : a number of associated persons : SET <the lot that hangs around the arcade>
7 : a large amount, quantity, or number <a lot of space> <a lot of books> <lots of food> <had been there lots of times>
synonym see DESTINY

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