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Main Entry: 1mar·ket
Pronunciation: primarystressmär-kschwat
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English market "market," derived from Latin mercatus "trade, marketplace," derived from mercari "to trade," from merc-, merx "merchandise" --related to COMMERCE, MERCHANT
1 a : a meeting together of people to buy and sell b : the people at such a meeting c : a public place where a market is held; especially : a place where provisions are sold at wholesale
2 : a store where foods are sold to the public <a meat market>
3 a : a geographic region in which things may be sold <markets for American cotton> b : a particular category of people who might buy <the youth market>
4 : an opportunity for selling <a good market for used cars>
- in the market : in the position of being a potential buyer <in the market for a new house>
- on the market : available to buy : up for sale <put their house on the market>

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