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Main Entry: 1masˇter
Pronunciation: primarystressmas-tschwar
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English master "master," from Old English magister and early French meistre, both meaning "master" and both from Latin magister "master, teacher, one who holds high political or military office" --related to MAESTRO, MAGISTRATE, MISTRESS
1 a : a male teacher b : a person holding an academic degree between a bachelor's and a doctor's
2 a : an independent skilled worker; especially : one qualified to teach apprentices b : an artist or performer of great skill
3 a : one having authority : RULER b : one that conquers or masters c : the captain of a merchant ship d : an owner especially of a slave or animal e : the employer especially of a servant
4 -- used as a title for a boy too young to be called mister
5 : a master machine or device
- masˇterˇship /-secondarystressship/ noun

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