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Main Entry: 1matĚter
Pronunciation: primarystressmat-schwar
Function: noun
1 a : a subject of interest or concern <a matter of dispute> b : something to be dealt with : AFFAIR <personal matters to take care of>
2 a : the substance of which a physical object is composed; especially : the material substance that occupies space, has mass, and makes up the observable universe b : material substance of a particular kind or function <vegetable matter> c : PUS
3 : a more or less definite amount or quantity <cooks in a matter of minutes>
4 : something written or printed
5 : 1MAIL 1 <first-class matter>
- as a matter of fact : in fact : ACTUALLY
- for that matter : so far as that is concerned
- no matter : without regard to <do it no matter how unpleasant it seems>
- no matter what : regardless of the costs, consequences, or results <have to win the race, no matter what>
- the matter : 2WRONG 5 <nothing's the matter with me>

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