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Main Entry: 1mea·sure
Pronunciation: primarystressmezh-schwar, primarystressmamacrzh-
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English mesure "measure," from early French mesure (same meaning), from Latin mensura "measure," from mensus, past participle of metiri "to measure" --related to DIMENSION, IMMENSE
1 a : an adequate, fixed, or suitable limit or amount <surprised beyond measure> b : 2AMOUNT, EXTENT, DEGREE <gained a large measure of freedom>
2 a : the size, capacity, or quantity of something as fixed by measuring <use equal measures of ingredients> b : something (as a yardstick or cup) used in measuring c : a unit used in measuring <the foot is a measure of length> d : a system of measuring <metric measure>
3 : the act or process of measuring
4 a : 2DANCE 2; especially : a slow and stately dance b : rhythm or movement in music or poetry : METER, CADENCE c : the part of a musical staff between two bars or the group of beats between these bars
5 : an action planned or taken to achieve a desired result; especially : a legislative bill or act
- for good measure : in addition to what is required : as an extra
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