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Main Entry: monĚstrous
Pronunciation: primarystressmän(t)-strschwas
Function: adjective
1 : unusually large : GIGANTIC
2 : very ugly or vicious : HORRIBLE
3 : shockingly wrong or ridiculous
4 : very different from the usual form : ABNORMAL
- monĚstrousĚly adverb
synonyms MONSTROUS, TREMENDOUS, STUPENDOUS, COLOSSAL mean of very great size. MONSTROUS suggests that something is unusually big when compared to others of its kind <a monstrous cow>. TREMENDOUS suggests something so big that it causes wonder or fear <the tremendous size of the blue whale>. STUPENDOUS suggests something that is amazing simply because of its size <a stupendous wedding cake>. COLOSSAL suggests a size that is almost too great to imagine <the colossal size of the largest planets>.

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