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Main Entry: 1nat·u·ral
Pronunciation: primarystressnach-(schwa-)rschwal
Function: adjective
1 : born in or with one : INNATE <natural ability>
2 : being such by nature : BORN <a natural musician>
3 : BIOLOGICAL 2 <her natural parents>
4 a : growing without human care <natural forests> b : existing in or produced by nature <natural scenery> c : relating to or being natural food
5 : 1HUMAN 1 <it is not natural to howl at the moon>
6 : of, relating to, or following the usual events and happenings of nature or the physical world : not miraculous <natural causes>
7 : not made or changed by humans <natural silk> <a person's natural complexion>
8 : being simple and sincere <natural manners>
9 : LIFELIKE <the people in the picture look natural>
10 a : having neither sharps nor flats in the key signature b : having a sharp or a flat changed in pitch by a natural sign
- nat·u·ral·ness noun

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