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Main Entry: 1nerve
Pronunciation: primarystressnschwarv
Function: noun
1 : TENDON <strain every nerve>
2 : one of the stringy bands of nervous tissue connecting the nervous system with other organs and carrying nerve impulses
3 a : power of endurance or control <a test of mind and nerve> b : fearless boldness <had the nerve to confront the mysterious stranger> c : behavior marked by a rude or disrespectful boldness <what nerve of her to say that>
4 a : a sore or sensitive point <that remark hit a nerve> b plural : a condition of being very nervous : JITTERS <had a case of the nerves before her performance>
5 : a vein in a leaf or in the wing of an insect
6 : the sensitive soft inner part of a tooth
- nerved /primarystressnschwarvd/ adjective

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