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Main Entry: 1no·ble
Pronunciation: primarystressnomacr-bschwal
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): no·bler /-b(schwa-)lschwar/; no·blest /-b(schwa-)lschwast/
1 : FAMOUS, NOTABLE <noble deed>
2 : of high birth or rank : ARISTOCRATIC
3 : possessing very high qualities : EXCELLENT
4 : grand especially in appearance : IMPOSING <a noble cathedral>
5 : having or characterized by superiority of mind or character : MAGNANIMOUS <a noble nature>
6 : chemically inactive especially toward oxygen <noble metal>
- no·ble·ness /-bschwal-nschwas/ noun
- no·bly /-blemacron/ adverb

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