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Main Entry: no·tice·able
Pronunciation: primarystressnomacrt-schwa-sschwa-bschwal
Function: adjective
1 : worthy of notice <noticeable for its fine coloring>
2 : capable of being or likely to be noticed <a noticeable improvement>
- no·tice·ably /-blemacron/ adverb
synonyms NOTICEABLE, PROMINENT, OUTSTANDING, CONSPICUOUS mean attracting notice or attention. NOTICEABLE suggests that something is likely to be seen <an essay with many noticeable mistakes>. PROMINENT suggests that something calls attention to itself by standing out from its surroundings <a prominent bruise on the forehead>. OUTSTANDING applies to something that rises above and is better than others of the same kind <an outstanding baseball player>. CONSPICUOUS applies to something that is easily observed and certain to attract attention <his loud voice made him conspicuous at the party>.

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