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Main Entry: 1old
Pronunciation: primarystressomacrld
Function: adjective
1 a : dating from the distant past <an old custom> b : having lasted or been such for a long time <an old friend>
2 capitalized : belonging to an early period in development <Old Irish>
3 : having existed for a specified length of time <a child three years old>
4 : having lived a long time <old people>
5 : FORMER 1 <my old teachers>
6 : showing the effects of time or use <wore an old coat>
7 : long familiar <it's still the same old story>
synonyms OLD, ANCIENT, ANTIQUE, ARCHAIC mean having come into being or use in the distant past. OLD may apply to a period of time that is truly long or only longer than average <old houses that were built two hundred years ago> <an old sweater of mine>. ANCIENT applies to things that happened or existed in the very distant past <an ancient custom> or to things that still survive from early times <the ancient pyramids of Egypt>. ANTIQUE applies to things that have been handed down from times gone by <collected antique furniture>. ARCHAIC suggests something that has the characteristics of a much earlier time <the play used archaic language so as to give the audience a feeling for those days>.

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