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Main Entry: opin·ion
Pronunciation: schwa-primarystresspin-yschwan
Function: noun
1 : a judgment about a person or thing <a high opinion of themselves>
2 : a belief based on experience and on seeing certain facts that falls short of positive knowledge
3 a : a statement by an expert after careful study <you better get a doctor's opinion> b : a formal statement from a judge or court of the reasons for a legal decision <read the court's opinion in that case>
synonyms OPINION, BELIEF, CONVICTION mean something that one thinks is true. OPINION suggests a judgment that may not be shared by all <heard more than one opinion on that issue>. BELIEF suggests a view that one has come to accept fully in one's own mind <a basic belief in a supreme being>. CONVICTION suggests a firm unchangeable belief <a conviction that all life is valuable>.

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