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Main Entry: 1out
Pronunciation: primarystressaudott
Function: adverb
1 a : in a direction away from the inside, center, or surface <look out of a window> b : 1OUTDOORS <it's raining out> c : OUT-OF-BOUNDS
2 : from among others <picked out a hat>
3 : away from home, business, or the usual or proper place <out to lunch> <left a word out>
4 : into a state of loss or defeat <was voted out of office>
5 : into the possession or control of another <lent out money>
6 : into groups or shares <sorted out her notes>
7 a : so as to be exhausted, completed, or discontinued <the food ran out> <the light burned out> b : at an end <before the week is out>
8 a : in or into the open <the sun came out> b : ALOUD <cried out>
9 a : to completion or satisfaction <work the problem out> b : to the full or a great extent or degree <stretched out on the floor> <all decked out>
10 : so as to put out or be put out in baseball <the catcher threw the runner out> <grounded out to shortstop>

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