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Main Entry: 1pass
Pronunciation: primarystresspas
Function: verb
1 : 1MOVE 2, proceed
2 a : to go away <the pain will soon pass> b : 1DIE 1 -- often used with on
3 : to go by or beyond or move past
4 : to go or allow to go across, over, or through <let no one pass>
5 : to change or transfer ownership or possession <recipes passed down through the family>
6 : HAPPEN 2, occur
7 a : to gain the approval of a legislative body <the bill passed both houses> b : to approve officially <pass a new law>
8 : to go or allow to go through an examination or course of study successfully <passed my French course>
9 : to cause to be considered <passed for an expert>
10 : to transfer or become transferred from one person to another <pass the butter> <pass a football>
11 : to decide not to bid, bet, or draw in a card game
12 : to cause or permit to elapse : SPEND <pass time>
13 : to state judicially <pass sentence>
- pass·er noun
- pass muster : to gain approval or acceptance
- pass the buck : to shift a responsibility to someone else
- pass the hat : to take up a collection of money

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