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Main Entry: pedˇaˇgogue
Pronunciation: primarystressped-schwa-secondarystressgäg
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English pedagoge "teacher," from early French pedagoge (same meaning), from Latin paedagogus (same meaning), from Greek paidagomacrgos "a servant who escorted children to school," from paid- "child" and agomacrgos "leader"
Word History In ancient Greece a rich family had many servants. One of the servants was in charge of caring for the children. This servant's duties included escorting the children to and from school. As a name for this servant, the Greek prefix paid-, meaning "child," and the noun agomacrgos, meaning "leader," were combined to form paidagomacrgos. This word might be translated literally as "child-leader." The English word pedagogue can be traced to the Greek paidagomacrgos. It is now a name for a person who leads children by teaching them, rather than just by escorting them.

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