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Main Entry: 1plan
Pronunciation: primarystressplan
Function: noun
1 : a drawing or diagram showing the parts or outline of something
2 : a method or scheme of acting, doing, or arranging <a civil defense plan> <vacation plans>
3 : GOAL 2, aim <our plan was to stop them at the bridge>
- planĚless /-lschwas/ adjective
synonyms PLAN, PLOT, SCHEME mean a method of making or doing something or achieving a goal. PLAN suggests that some thinking was done beforehand and often that the thinking resulted in something written down or pictured <a plan for a new school>. PLOT suggests a complicated carefully shaped plan of several parts. PLOT can be used of the plan of a story <a novel with a good plot> or it can be used of a secret and usually evil plan <a plot to take over the government>. SCHEME suggests a sly plan often motivated by self-interest <a scheme to cheat simple people>.

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