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Main Entry: 1point
Pronunciation: primarystresspodotint
Function: noun
1 a : an individual detail : ITEM <two points that were important to remember> b : a distinguishing detail : CHARACTERISTIC <politeness was a strong point> c : the chief part or meaning <the point of the joke>
2 : a goal to be achieved : PURPOSE <there's no point in continuing>
3 a : a geometric element that has position but no dimensions and is pictured as a small dot b : a usually small or precise place : LOCALITY <a starting point> c : an exact moment <at this point they were interrupted> d : a step, stage, or degree in development or rank <the melting point of ice> <up to a point it was a good performance>
4 a : the usually sharp or tapering end of something (as a sword or pencil) : TIP b : either of two metal pieces in a distributor through which the circuit is made or broken
5 : a piece of land that sticks out
6 a : a very small mark : DOT b : PUNCTUATION MARK; especially : PERIOD 2 c : DECIMAL POINT
7 a : one of the 32 marks indicating direction on a compass used by seamen b : the difference of 11 1/4 degrees between two such adjacent points
8 : a unit used in giving a value or score <scored fifteen points>
9 : the action of pointing
- beside the point : IRRELEVANT
- in point of : in the matter of <in point of fact>
- to the point : PERTINENT <a remark that was quite to the point>

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