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Main Entry: 1pro·cess
Pronunciation: primarystresspräs-secondarystresses, primarystresspromacrs-, -schwas
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural pro·cess·es /-secondarystresses-schwaz, -schwa-sschwaz, -schwa-secondarystresssemacronz/
1 a : 2ADVANCE 1 <the process of time> b : something going on
2 a : a natural continuing action or series of actions or changes <the process of growth> <life processes> <mental processes> b : a series of actions or operations leading to a result <a manufacturing process>
3 : the carrying on of a legal action <due process of law>
4 : a bodily part that sticks out or is conspicuous : OUTGROWTH <a bony process>

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