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Main Entry: pro·voke
Pronunciation: prschwa-primarystressvomacrk
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): pro·voked; pro·vok·ing
Etymology: Middle English provoken "to arouse to strong feeling or action," from early French provoquer (same meaning), from Latin provocare "to call forth, stir up," from pro- "forth, forward" and vocare "to call" --related to ADVOCATE, REVOKE, VOCATION
1 : to excite to anger
2 : to stir up : BRING ABOUT <provoke an argument>
synonyms PROVOKE, EXCITE, STIMULATE mean to arouse into doing or feeling something. PROVOKE stresses the feeling or action called forth <my stories usually provoke laughter>. EXCITE suggests the stirring up of great feeling <news of the victory excited joy and relief>. STIMULATE suggests a rousing out of laziness, inactivity, or unconcern <a speech that stimulated the crowd to shout slogans>.

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