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Main Entry: punˇish
Pronunciation: primarystresspschwan-ish
Function: verb
1 : to cause to experience pain or suffering for having done wrong <punish criminals with imprisonment>
2 : to inflict punishment for <punish misbehavior>
3 : to deal with or handle severely or roughly <badly punished by an opponent>
- punˇishˇable /-schwa-bschwal/ adjective
- punˇishˇer noun
synonyms PUNISH, DISCIPLINE mean to put a penalty on someone for doing wrong. PUNISH stresses giving some kind of pain or suffering to the wrongdoer rather than trying to reform the person <punished the burglars by sending them to prison>. DISCIPLINE suggests penalizing the wrongdoer but stresses the effort to bring the person under control <parents must discipline their children>.

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