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Main Entry: purˇsue
Pronunciation: pschwar-primarystress
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): purˇsued; purˇsuˇing
Etymology: Middle English pursuen "to follow in order to capture or kill," derived from early French pursure, pursiure (same meaning), derived from Latin prosequi "to follow after, pursue," from pro- "forward" and sequi "to follow" --related to SEQUEL
1 : to follow in order to catch up with and seize
2 : to try to obtain or accomplish : SEEK <pursue pleasure>
3 : to proceed along <pursue a northerly course>
4 : to engage in : PRACTICE <pursue a hobby>
5 : to continue to distress severely : HAUNT <pursued by fear>
synonym see CHASE
- purˇsuˇer noun

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