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Main Entry: 1rare
Pronunciation: primarystressra(schwa)r, primarystressre(schwa)r
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): rar·er; rar·est
Etymology: Middle English rare "thin," from Latin rarus "rare"
1 : not thick or dense : THIN <the atmosphere is rare at high altitudes>
2 : very fine : EXCELLENT, SPLENDID <a rare June day>
3 : very uncommon <rain is rare in the desert> <a collection of rare books>
- rare·ness noun
synonyms RARE, SCARCE mean being in short supply. RARE usually applies to an object or quality of which only a few examples are to be found and which is thus greatly prized and cherished <a rare gem>. SCARCE applies to something that for the present is in too short supply to meet the demand for it <food was scarce that winter>.

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