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Main Entry: 1read
Pronunciation: primarystressremacrond
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): read /primarystressred/; read·ing /primarystressremacrond-ieng/
1 a : to go over and take in and understand the meaning of letters or symbols <learn to read> <read braille> <can you read decimals> <I can't read your writing> b : to study the movements of (a speaker's lips) and so understand what is being said c : to speak aloud written or printed words <read us a story> d : to go over and take in the contents of <reading a book> e : to understand the written form of <reads Spanish> f : to be able to be read
2 : to learn from what one has seen in writing or printing <read about the fire>
3 a : to discover or figure out the meaning of <read palms> b : FORETELL, PREDICT <able to read his fortune> c : to watch carefully in order to tell what will happen <reading the rapids while canoeing>
4 : to show by numbers or letters <the thermometer reads zero>
5 a : to acquire data or information <a scanner reads the bar code> b : to send to or get from storage <read your program back in>
- read between the lines : to understand more than is directly stated

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