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Main Entry: rec·og·nize
Pronunciation: primarystressrek-ig-secondarystressnimacrz, primarystressrek-schwag-
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): -nized; -niz·ing
Etymology: derived from early French reconoistre "to recognize," from Latin recognoscere (same meaning), from re- "again" and cognoscere "to know" --related to CONNOISSEUR, INCOGNITO
1 : to be willing to admit : ACKNOWLEDGE <recognized my own faults>
2 : to admit as qualified to be heard at a meeting <recognizes the delegate from Arkansas>
3 : to grant diplomatic recognition to <recognized the new government>
4 : to take approving notice of <recognize an act of bravery with a medal>
5 : to show one is acquainted with <recognize someone with a nod>
6 : to know and remember upon seeing <I didn't recognize you in that new hairdo>
- rec·og·niz·abil·i·ty /secondarystressrek-ig-secondarystressnimacr-zschwa-primarystressbil-schwat-emacron, secondarystressrek-schwag-/ noun
- rec·og·niz·able /primarystressrek-schwag-secondarystressnimacr-ze-bschwal, primarystressrek-ig-/ adjective
- rec·og·niz·ably /-secondarystressnimacr-zschwa-blemacron/ adverb

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