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Main Entry: 1re·turn
Pronunciation: ri-primarystresstschwarn
Function: verb
1 a : to come or go back b : to go back in thought or practice <returned to his old ways>
2 : 1REPLY 3, answer
3 : to make an official report of <the jury returned a verdict>
4 British : to elect to office
5 : to bring, carry, send, or put back <return a book to the library> <return borrowed money>
6 : to bring in (as profit) : YIELD
7 a : to give or perform in return <return a compliment> b : to respond to in a similar way <return kindness with kindness> c : to give back to the owner <return that lawnmower>
8 a : to hit back (as a tennis ball) b : to run with (a football) after the possession of the ball changes from one team to the other (as by a fumble or a punt)
- re·turn·er noun

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