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Main Entry: re·veal
Pronunciation: ri-primarystressvemacron(schwa)l
Function: verb
1 : to make known : DIVULGE
2 : to show plainly : DISPLAY
- re·veal·er noun
synonyms REVEAL, DISCLOSE, TELL, BETRAY mean to make known what has been or should be concealed. REVEAL may apply to making known ordinary information or to making known truths that are usually beyond the range of human vision or reason <revealed his age to the interviewer> <their mission was revealed to them in a dream>. DISCLOSE most often involves the giving out of information previously kept secret <disclosed to the media that the leaders of the two countries had met privately>. TELL stresses that the information made known is necessary or useful <why didn't you tell her that the concert was canceled?>. BETRAY implies either that disclosing the information involves wrongdoing or that the disclosure is against one's will <betrayed plans for a new computer to the firm's chief rival> <though I said nothing, my face betrayed my concern>.

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