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Main Entry: 1run
Pronunciation: primarystressrschwan
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): ran /primarystressran/; run; runĚning
1 a : to go at a pace faster than a walk b : to take to flight : FLEE <made the enemy run>
2 : to move or allow to move freely about <chickens running loose> <running around without a coat>
3 a : to go or cause to go rapidly or hurriedly <run and get the doctor> b : to go in pursuit of : CHASE <had run the woodchuck into its hole>
4 : to do something by or as if by running <run errands>
5 a : to take part in a race b : to be or cause to be a candidate in an election <ran for mayor>
6 a : to move on or as if on wheels b : to ravel lengthwise <stockings guaranteed not to run>
7 a : to go back and forth <the bus runs every hour> b : to migrate or move in schools; especially : to go up a river to spawn <shad are running in the river>
8 a : OPERATE 1 <I can run that machine> <left the engine running> b : to cause to be treated or operated on : PROCESS <ran my program on the computer>
9 : to continue in force or operation <the contract has two years to run> <the play ran for six months>
10 : to pass into a specified condition <run into debt>
11 a : to move as a liquid : FLOW b : to dissolve and spread out <colors guaranteed not to run> c : to give off liquid <my nose is running>
12 : to tend to develop a specified quality or feature <one of those people who run to fat>
13 a : EXTEND 4 <the boundary line runs east> b : to be in a certain form or order
14 a : to occur again and again <a song running through my head> <a condition that runs in their family> b : to exist or occur in a continuous range of variation
15 : to be in circulation <there's a story running that the prime minister will resign>
16 : 2TRACE 2a <ran the rumor to its source>
17 : to slip through or past <run a blockade>
18 : to pass over, across, or through
19 a : to cause or allow to go <ran the rascals out of town> <ran the car off the road> b : to be in charge of : MANAGE <run a factory>
20 : to make oneself liable to : INCUR <ran the risk of discovery>
- run across : to meet or find by chance
- run a fever or run a temperature : to have a fever
- run into : to meet by chance
- run riot
1 : to behave wildly
2 : to occur in great quantity
- run short or run low : to be running out <supplies were running short> <run low on fuel>

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