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Main Entry: 1score
Pronunciation: primarystressskomacr(schwa)r, primarystressskodot(schwa)r
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural scores
1 or plural score a : TWENTY b : a group of 20 things -- often used in combination with a cardinal number <fivescore>
2 : a line made with or as if with a sharp instrument
3 : a duty or injury kept in mind for later action <had some old scores to settle>
4 : 1REASON 1b, ground <you have nothing to worry about on that score>
5 : the complete written music showing all of the individual parts of a large piece (as a symphony)
6 a : a number expressing accomplishment (as in a game or a test) or worth (as of a product) <had a score of 80 out of a possible 100> b : a record of points made by competing teams or players <the final score was 4-3> c : an act (as a goal, run, or touchdown) that gains points in any of various games or contests
7 : the facts of a situation <we won't know what the score is until the laboratory results are in>
- score·less /-lschwas/ adjective

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