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Main Entry: 1shoot
Pronunciation: primarystressshüt
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): shot /primarystressshät/; shoot·ing
1 a : to let fly or cause to be driven forward with force <shoot an arrow> b : to cause a missile to be driven out of <shoot a gun> c : to cause a weapon to discharge a missile <shoot at a target>
2 a : to send (a marble) forward by snapping the thumb b : to hit or throw (as a ball or puck) toward a goal c : to score by shooting <shoot a basket> d : 2PLAY 5a <shoot pool>
3 : to strike with a missile from a bow or gun; especially : to kill by so doing <shot a deer>
4 : to push or slide into or out of a fastening <shot the door bolt>
5 a : to push or thrust forward swiftly <lizards shooting out their tongues> b : to grow rapidly <the corn is shooting up>
6 a : to go, move, or pass rapidly <they shot past on skis> b : to pass swiftly along <shoot the rapids in a canoe> c : to stream out suddenly : SPURT d : to dart with a piercing sensation <shooting pains>
7 : to take the altitude of <shoot the sun with a sextant>
8 : to take a picture or series of pictures or television images of
- shoot·er noun
- shoot at or shoot for : to try to accomplish : strive for
- shoot the breeze : 1TALK 5a, chat
- shoot the works : to put forth all one's efforts

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