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Main Entry: 1show
Pronunciation: primarystressshomacr
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): showed; shown /primarystressshomacrn /; or showed; show·ing
1 : to place in sight : present so as to be seen
2 : REVEAL 2 <showed strong feeling>
3 : to give from or as if from a position of authority <we'll show them no mercy>
4 : TEACH 1, instruct <showed me a few chords on the guitar>
5 : PROVE 2a <that shows we're right>
6 : to give indication or record of <his grades show some improvement>
7 : 2USHER 1, guide <showed them to a seat>
8 : to be noticeable <the patch hardly shows> <the determination showed in her face>
9 : to present (an animal) for judging in a show
10 : to be third or at least third (as in a horse race)
synonyms SHOW, EXHIBIT, DISPLAY, PARADE mean to present something in a way that will draw attention. SHOW suggests letting another see or examine <show me a picture of your family>. EXHIBIT suggests putting something out in public <the children exhibited their drawings at the fair>. DISPLAY stresses putting something out in the open where others may see it clearly <display sale items in front of the store>. PARADE suggests making a great show of something <look at them parading their new bikes>.

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