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Main Entry: 1side
Pronunciation: primarystresssimacrd
Function: noun
1 a : the right or left part of the trunk of the body <a pain in the side> <stood at her side> b : the entire right or left half of the animal body <a side of beef>
2 : a place, space, or direction away from or beyond a central point or line <set it to one side>
3 : a surface or line forming a border or face of an object <a cube has six sides>
4 : an outer part of a thing considered as facing in a certain direction <the back side of the moon>
5 a : a straight-line segment forming part of the boundary of a geometric figure <side of a square> b : one of the longer surfaces that form the boundary of a solid <lay the book on its side> c : either surface of a thin object <one side of a record>
6 : a position or part of something viewed as opposite or different from another <my side of the story> <try to look on the good side> <never saw this side of his personality>
7 : a body of contestants <our side won>
8 : a line of ancestors traced back from either parent <a grandfather on his mother's side>
9 : a side dish ordered separately <a side of fries>
- on the side
1 : in addition to but not included in the main portion <a salad with dressing on the side>
2 : in addition to one's main occupation <selling insurance on the side>
- this side of : short of : ALMOST <behavior just this side of reckless>

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