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Main Entry: simĚple
Pronunciation: primarystresssim-pschwal
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): simĚpler /-p(schwa-)lschwar/; simĚplest /-p(schwa-)lschwast/
1 : free from dishonesty or vanity : INNOCENT
2 : not wealthy <simple folks>
3 : lacking in education, experience, or intelligence
4 a : free from complications <a simple melody> <neat simple clothing> b : consisting of only one main clause and no subordinate clauses <a simple sentence> c : consisting of only the verb <a simple predicate>
5 : not compound <a simple eye>
6 a : not divided into branches or leaflets <a simple leaf> b : developing from a single ovary <simple fruits>
7 : 1UTTER, ABSOLUTE <the simple truth>
8 : easy to understand or perform <simple instructions> <a simple explanation>
- simĚpleĚness /-pschwal-nschwas/ noun

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