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Main Entry: skill·ful
Variant(s): /primarystressskil-fschwal/
Function: adjective
1 : having or showing skill
2 : accomplished with skill <a skillful defense>
- skill·ful·ly /-fschwa-lemacron/ adverb
- skill·ful·ness noun
synonyms SKILLFUL, PROFICIENT, ADEPT, EXPERT mean having the knowledge and experience needed to succeed at what one does. SKILLFUL suggests being very able at doing a particular job <a skillful truck driver>. PROFICIENT suggests a sure ability that comes from training and practice <a proficient waiter who can handle several tables at once>. ADEPT suggests having a native ability as well as a learned skill at something <she is adept at getting people to work together>. EXPERT suggests having a thorough knowledge of a subject as well as being very skillful at working in it <expert guides led us through the cave>.

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