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Main Entry: snob
Pronunciation: primarystresssnäb
Function: noun
Etymology: from obsolete snob "a member of the lower classes," from a dialect word snob "cobbler, shoemaker"
1 : one who imitates, admires, or seeks association with those of higher social position
2 : one who looks down upon those felt to be less important
Word History Snob is an old word in English for "a cobbler, a person who makes or repairs shoes." Cobblers came to be thought of as representative of all of the working-class or lower-class people. In time the name snob came to be applied to the lower classes as distinguished from the nobility, the landowners, and the rich merchants. From its being used for any member of the lower class, snob soon came to mean "a person who pretends to be a member of a higher class, one who imitates the clothing, speech, and manners of the nobility." Nowadays the word means "anyone who acts as if he or she were better than others."

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