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Main Entry: 1sound
Pronunciation: primarystresssaudotnd
Function: adjective
Etymology: Old English gesund "free from injury or disease"
1 a : not diseased or weak : HEALTHY <a sound mind in a sound body> b : free from imperfection or rot
2 : 1SOLID 4, firm <a building of sound construction>
3 : not faulty : VALID, RIGHT <a sound argument>
4 a : THOROUGH 1 <a sound revenge> b : not disturbed <a sound sleep> c : SEVERE 3 <a sound beating>
5 : showing good judgment or sense <sound advice>
- soundĚly /primarystresssaudotn-(d)lemacron/ adverb
- soundĚness /primarystresssaudotn(d)-nschwas/ noun

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