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Main Entry: 1spill
Pronunciation: primarystressspil
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): spilled /primarystressspild, primarystressspilt /; also spilt /primarystressspilt/; spill·ing
1 : to cause (blood) to flow by wounding or killing
2 a : to cause or allow to fall, flow, or run out by accident <spilled some flour on the floor> b : to fall or run out so as to be lost or wasted <the milk spilled> c : to spread beyond limits <crowds spilled into the streets>
3 : to throw off or out <a horse spilled its rider>
4 : to let out : GIVE AWAY <spilled the secret>
- spill·able /primarystressspil-schwa-bschwal/ adjective
- spill·er noun
- spill one's guts : to make known especially personal information
- spill the beans : to give a secret away by talking without thinking

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